Zsuzsi Photography



Children are my favorite subject to photograph.  Invite me to take pictures of your baby each month for the first year of life.  I love celebrating that first birthday with you.  Keep me in mind for birthday parties and other memorable events in your child's life.


Birthday parties, baptisms, Bar/Bat Mizvah party, etc,  Let me know what you need to capture and I will be there!


I love capturing the playfulness that makes you a family.  Invite me to capture your special moments: births, birthday parties,  family walks, or even a walk around the farmer's market.  What do you like doing as a family?  I want to capture that moment for you.  Your very own paparrazi.  


Do you need a new picture for your Linkedin account?  Does your company need photographs for the company website?  I am available to take photographs at businesses and schools.   Please keep me in mind and book your photo shoot early.